One word is conspicuously missing when describing Manatee County District 2 schools...


Below Average*
Samoset Elementary, Tillman Elementary
Far Below Average*
GD Rogers Garden - Bullock, Manatee Elementary, Oneco Elementary
About the Same*
Blackburn Elementary, Southeast High School

“Thank You District 2! As your  Manatee County School Board District 2 representative, I will represent Students, Teachers and Administrators and get…”

Back to Basics

Reading, Writing, Math

Improve student performance at all grade levels.

Defending Parental Rights

These are your children, not the government's.

Stop Wasteful Spending

Pay teachers first! Teachers' salaries should not be on the ballot.

Why Choose Me to Represent You?

I am a grassroots candidate who believes in quality education and have a deep understanding of the children in the most challenged District in the county.

Management Experience

Years of industry experience in manufacturing systems and procedures.

Accounting Background

Auditing and accounting experience in both public and private sector roles.

Passion for Education

Active in monitoring and oversight of school performance and budgets.

Belief in Faith and Family

My difficult childhood experiences taught me the critical importance of family.

"Highly Qualified!"

-Christian Family Coalition

Thank you for your confidence in me. I will not let you down.

*Aggregate average test scores in English, Math and Science.  Source: Great!Schools.  For more information please go to