About Cindy

Cindy6 Leader

Cindy is an Indiana “Hoosier” who attended Indiana University where she studied Psychology and later changed her career goals to Accounting at Indiana Business College while working as the Assistant Bookkeeper in her hometown of Kokomo. She collaborated closely with the Senior Bookkeeper as she continued her education and supporting her family needs.

She excelled in the accounting field and became the assistant bookkeeper and she served as a co-chair in researching software programs to integrate a new bookkeeping system to meet the needs of the business. She was instrumental in implementing the employer’s 401K program that employees past and present have benefitted from.

After 6 years with the company, she later focused on new endeavors utilizing her skills in other areas and landed in the manufacturing field with PepsiCo working at Frito Lay. She worked in other departments advancing her career within the company which included Purchasing, Logistic Maintenance, Manufacturing Maintenance, Payroll and became the point person in tracking equipment failures and the plants conveyor belting system. She worked with HR to create a training program for new hires on the Maintenance Work Order system and taught classes prior to them being assigned to the floor. She trained the plants Confined Space Safety programs as well.

She volunteered in the high school mentorship program to assist senior students as they explored opportunities in the manufacturing field for career prospects of Engineering, Logistics Maintenance and Project Management opportunities.

With the desire and opportunity to be near family members in Florida with her tenure at PepsiCo was presented, she was able to transfer to Bradenton in 2008 as the Bookkeeper at the Tropicana Federal Credit Union. She ended her career with PepsiCo after 20-years of service to spend time traveling the country and spending time with family.

Cindy is also the author of “Crying Without Tears” an Amazon bestseller that depicts her journey of being raise in a family of poverty and child abuse where she entered the states foster care system as a teenager. Through her faith, she can share her story in efforts to help those who were victims of abuse and does speaking events at local churches and organizations.

She has become a strong advocate in the Manatee County foster care system. She is the Vice President of the Manatee County Foster & Adoptive Parent Association, Board Member of Guardian Angels of Southwest Florida that builds homes for foster siblings to stay together as much as possible. She networks with community leaders and organizations to support the most vulnerable during a time of separation of the home.

She is a grassroots candidate who has been involved with the School District of Manatee County and has advocated for students in Title 1 schools to improve all levels of their education for adult success.

She currently serves as the Vice Chair of the 1 Mil Citizens Oversite Committee to represent the taxpayers of Manatee County.

She is a member of West Bradenton Baptist Church where she deepens her faith with her church family.