Why I am running for District 2 School Board

Need to get "Back to the Basics"

It is what our parents  and grandparents want, and frankly, it’s what taxpayers expect from the School District. There are so many acronyms being used to define the multitude of the curriculum used in our classrooms.  We should be focusing on the most important ones that are the three R’s:  Reading, wRiting and aRithmetic.  We cannot produce students who are unable to read the hands on a  clock, count money, or how to write a check. Over the years, we have moved away from basic education and life skills rather than preparing our young adults for the world after graduation functioning as stewards of the community.

We all want children to be able to read a book, do basic math and form a sentence.  I strongly believe we are failing in these categories especially in District 2.

Parental Rights under attack

It is not the role of a teacher or the administration to use curriculum in our schools, referring to gender identity, when students enter the public education system. The parent has custody of that child – not the School system. I don’t see the name of every teacher, school board member or the entire administration on the birth certificate of over 50,000 students.

Taxpayers deserve seat at the table

That is what I will represent. Are we getting what we are paying for? The teacher retention we were promised never happened.  Attracting qualified teachers to Manatee County is a must.  Are we really getting results from all the millage funds or are we just creating programs to justify the tax.